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Re: mailing list pgp signatures...

On 7/11/2009 6:38 PM, Steven W. Orr wrote:
> On 07/11/09 18:05, quoth David:
>> My email client, Thunderbird, goes out and searches for his 'not made
>> public as it should be' public Key each and every post. Which takes,
>> depends on the various Keyservers, 20 +- seconds *each* Kerserver for
>> *each* post. Two in one thread? Does it twice. Three? Does it three
>> times. Etc...
>> I would think that the other email clients using GnuPG do the same. I
>> can set it *not* to do that here but that is not what I wish. And why
>> should I set my system so that one person can do things incorrectly?
>> But no longer. I asked him politely. But his attitude bought him the bit
>> bucket here.
>> Understand now?
> If I may, I'd like to amplify on "G"'s lack of Netiquette. I am also using
> Thunderbird with the Enigmail plugin. I too have my system set up for
> "Automatically Decrypt/Verify" and was previously forced to have long delays
> every time I saw a message from him. AND I too have taken pains to have him
> filtered out of my sight.
> I am new to the use of PGP but I have studied it from the math, to the
> computer interface, to the historical and to the sociological aspects. We send
> mail via post office all the time and we sign them and seal our messages in an
> envelope. PGP is the same thing.  I can send mail and set the From line to
> Barack Obama and it's trivial to do so. Or, I can send mail out as you and
> most people wouldn't be able to tell. We all know about how big a problem
> identity theft is and yet so few of us sign our mail. That absolutely
> fascinates me. So while "G" is acting like a nitwit by not even understanding
> how his behavior is fundamentally rude, I'd like to take this opportunity to
> encourage more of you to start signing your mail. There are basically two ways
> to do it. You can either use the PGP(or GnuPG) scheme, or you can use S/MIME.
> S/MIME is better for scalability in corporations. PGP is better in public. PGP
> is free and for SMIME to properly work, you have to get a cert from some
> trusted Cert Authority (CA). For most people, that would mean Verisign, and
> for others it would mean certs that shouldn't be trusted in the first place.
> Anyways, I said what I wanted to say and you can all do what you want, but
> maybe at least a few more will be better informed, and that's really why we're
> all here.
> This message is signed, but if you read it, you'll at least be able to fetch
> my public key.

I already have your public key sir!  :-)

I do not, as a practice, sign emails to mail lists. Nor do I add long
'signatures' to anything.

Some of us, there are many, are not in a position to deal with these
things. Dial-up. Limited bandwidth. And other situations.

Polite goes a long way.

Have a nice day.


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