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Re: Random screen blanking -- a clue

On Saturday 11 July 2009, Tom Horsley wrote:
>On Sat, 11 Jul 2009 20:15:59 -0500
>Richard Shaw wrote:
>> I guess this leaves a kernel driver or Xorg dpms
>> bug as the culprit?
>I vote gnome-power-manager, not Xorg. I removed
>gnome-power-manager from my system after annoying
>screen blanking two seconds after I finished typing
>and replaced it with some xset commands in my
>startup code to enable the xorg screen blanking
>code instead (which has worked properly since
>before the gnomes decided they had to rewrite
>everything that already worked well :-).
>No more screen blanking except after proper timeout
>with gnome-power-manager gone.

Ok, so what can we kde-4something users blame it on?

Cheers, Gene
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