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Sun Jul 12 02:40:06 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-07-11 at 12:53 +0200, François Patte wrote: 
> I want to configure cups on laptops so that people could add any printer
> they want, and choose the default printer they want too.

What do you mean by adding a printer?  One that's available over the
network?  (That should happen automatically.)  One that's connected
locally so they can use it on the same computer?  (That should happen
automatically.)  One that's connected locally, so that others on the
same network can use it as well?  (To some degree, that happens
automatically, if the default CUPS setup is to share out printers.)  You
really need to define what you mean (your comments further in your email
are off on a yet another different tangent).

> What is possible, using the web interface, is to allow anybody to remove
> tasks, even if they are not the owner of the task.

That's an option, being able to stop any task or just their own.  Are
you asking a question here?

> I want also that these permissions to add and choose the default
> printer, will be be limited to the laptop only,

Which it is.  They only configure the local CUPS server.

> I mean: if the laptop is connected to a network, I don't want that
> these persmissions could be automatically extended to any other cups
> server on the network.

I don't know why you think configuring a server on one computer
configures other servers on other computers.

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