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Re: Help

--- On Sat, 7/11/09, Benjamin Mainwaring <bjmain_7 hotmail com> wrote:

> From: Benjamin Mainwaring <bjmain_7 hotmail com>
> Subject: Help
> To: fedora-list redhat com
> Date: Saturday, July 11, 2009, 9:47 PM
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> Hello my name is Benjamin, I have just recently installed
> Fedora 11 which by the way, very nice program.  I am a
> first time Linux user and really have no clue what I am
> doing.  So here is my dilema, I have installed Fedora
> 11 on my old Compaq Evo N600c and I cannot use my onboard
> wireless card.  This seems to be a common problem while
> I was researching online however, as I stated, I have some
> knowlege but not enought to understand what is going
> on.  If someone can help I would thank you! 
> Benjamin
> Mainwaring
> 412-452-6938
> Windows Live™: Keep your life in sync. Check
> it out. 
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1) If you have connectivity to the net by other means like wired, could you try the following so that others may try to help you.

Fire up a terminal shell and at the prompt, type
$ smoltSendProfile

and then press "y" to send the profile at the end of sending that a web page appears please copy and paste that page (public) and post it so that people can see your hardware.  Then you should see several responses hopefully.

2) You don't have connectivity so you may still run above command and copy paste the information generated. 

3) You may open up a terminal shell and type
$ su -
enter your password(root) and you should see a prompt with 

enter lspci there
# lspci

and copy and paste that information and send it to us also while you are there you may also post output of 
# ifconfig -a

Getting wireless to work could be an easy to difficult task, and by knowing which chipset you have and which driver might serve you should see some responses from other kind Fedora users that may have same hardware and have it working :)




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