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Re: Triple boot windows, fedora, and rawhide

Mike Chambers wrote:

> Now, I have never dual booted linuxes before, so this is the part I
> don't understand how or what to do to get this right.  I tried this
> morning doing this and sort of got it working, but few things I couldn't
> figure out and have since resetup just dual boot windows and F11.

yes, for what ever thoughts of ?wisdom? authors of anaconda had, they were
very lacking in multi booting and could not get past chain booting.

when i first ran into this problem, i cussed, swore and a whole lot more
about why such nonsense was written to mess up a very good installer.

my solutions is very simple and does not need any great concern of how
every anaconda ends up later.

i am currently booting 4 installs, and use a '/boot' partition for all my

i have 1 installation that i use as my current work installation and i ran
'grub-install /dev/fd0' from it. this gave me a floppy disk that i use
after a new install to boot back to my work installation. [also, i will
boot into a new install and run 'grub-install /dev/fd0' from it. this way,
if i ever have problems and need to boot direct to a different install, i
have it covered.]

from there, i change '/etc/fstab' to mount my new installation under a
path of '/hd/b/(partition)'. i then mount my new install, go to it's
'/boot/grub/' and open 'grub.conf', then copy the 'title' lines to my main
'/boot/grub/grub.conf'. then when i reboot, i have my new install among my

if you do not have a floppy drive, i imagine that same can be done with a
a usb memory device.



peace out.



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