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Le 12/07/2009 04:40, Tim a écrit :
> On Sat, 2009-07-11 at 12:53 +0200, François Patte wrote: 
>> I want to configure cups on laptops so that people could add any printer
>> they want, and choose the default printer they want too.
> What do you mean by adding a printer?  One that's available over the
> network?  (That should happen automatically.)  One that's connected
> locally so they can use it on the same computer?  (That should happen
> automatically.)  One that's connected locally, so that others on the
> same network can use it as well?  (To some degree, that happens
> automatically, if the default CUPS setup is to share out printers.)  You
> really need to define what you mean (your comments further in your email
> are off on a yet another different tangent).

Adding a printer (local or network) was a mistake. Define the default
printer is the problem.
The situation: going somewhere with a laptop and plugging a printer
there. The printer is automatically added, OK. But it is not the default
printer automatically and if I don't want to print using

lpr/dvips/whatever -Pnewprinter

I want to define for sometimes this printer as the default one. In that
case the cups web interface (http://localhost:631) asks for the root

I want to get rid of this. I did not know the: System>Hardware>Printer!

>> What is possible, using the web interface, is to allow anybody to remove
>> tasks, even if they are not the owner of the task.
> That's an option, being able to stop any task or just their own.  Are
> you asking a question here?

No; I just wanted to say that was the only possible configurations I
have found, and maybe had missed something somewhere...

>> I want also that these permissions to add and choose the default
>> printer, will be be limited to the laptop only,
> Which it is.  They only configure the local CUPS server.
>> I mean: if the laptop is connected to a network, I don't want that
>> these persmissions could be automatically extended to any other cups
>> server on the network.
> I don't know why you think configuring a server on one computer
> configures other servers on other computers.

This is not clear for me: I have a private lan with one server and a few
clients and if the httpd server is running on the server, a request
http://localhost:631 on a client, automatically switches to

And I don't know why and I don't know how to avoid this behaviour.

Thanks for attention.

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