Triple boot windows, fedora, and rawhide

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Sun Jul 12 11:50:05 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-07-12 at 05:35 +0000, g wrote:

> i am currently booting 4 installs, and use a '/boot' partition for all my
> installations.
> i have 1 installation that i use as my current work installation and i ran
> 'grub-install /dev/fd0' from it. this gave me a floppy disk that i use
> after a new install to boot back to my work installation. [also, i will
> boot into a new install and run 'grub-install /dev/fd0' from it. this way,
> if i ever have problems and need to boot direct to a different install, i
> have it covered.]
> from there, i change '/etc/fstab' to mount my new installation under a
> path of '/hd/b/(partition)'. i then mount my new install, go to it's
> '/boot/grub/' and open 'grub.conf', then copy the 'title' lines to my main
> '/boot/grub/grub.conf'. then when i reboot, i have my new install among my
> choices.
> if you do not have a floppy drive, i imagine that same can be done with a
> a usb memory device.

What I ended up doing, was having my main work station set to dual boot
as normal, with grub installed to the mbr.  I then installed rawhide and
just installed grub to the first boot partition.  Then edited grub on my
main workstation with a stanza for rawhide.  Now, I can install kernels
or whatever on each install, and don't have to update grub manually.

Don't know if it's the easiest or best, but it seems to work fine
without having to share dir's and all that mess.

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Madisonville, KY

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