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Re: Installing from a hard drive


If you mount the ISO using -o loop and copy the "install.img" from the images directory and copy it to the same location as the actual ISO you are using (installing from), then try again.

What I don't understand is why Anaconda simply cannot mount the ISO and get the "install.img" itself, having said this, it is documented at least.


On 07/12/2009 03:25 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
Is it possible to install from the ISO image of a live CD,
in particular the Fedora-11 KDE Live CD?

I followed the instructions at
which explicitly says "Download the ISO image for a Live image"
before describing various installation methods, including
"Download the vmlinuz kernel file and the initrd.img ramdisk image
from the distribution's isolinux/ directory".

In my experience this does not work with the KDE Live CD.
Have I misunderstood the instructions?

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