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Re: Is this a firefox 3.5 problem? (Actual URL enclosed :-).

Tom Horsley wrote:
Here is a randomly selected multi-page article from time.com:


At the bottom of the article text there are what I presume
to be links to subsequent pages of the article. In a red
box with red page numbers and one that says Next Page>>.

On my fedora 11 system with firefox 3.5, absolutely nothing
happens when I click on them. They don't appear to be
links at all. In konqueror they not only act like
links when I mouse over them, they take me to the next page.

All multi-page articles at time.com seem to act this way.

Works fine for me with F11/firefox-3.5, and with opera-9.64.
Konqueror has other problems (nspluginviewer crashes).


Joachim Backes <joachim backes rhrk uni-kl de>


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