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(Solved) Watching Windows Media at Radio-Canada

See "Solution" farther for the solution without comments.

In Canada, it's a too well know bad joke: anybody not using Microsoft
products cannot access easily the features of Radio-Canada, all in Windows
Media Video. Stupid politicians won't budge. North America now produces
next to nothing, except natural ressources in Canada and the Microsoft
serfdom tax on computer users is a way of bringing in foreign currencies.

Recently, I could access the features using MPlayer and
MediaPlayerConnectivity, but URLs often had to be copied and edited.
Imagine my surprize when I could access all features, including RDI online
(RDI en direct) after removing Totem and simply installing Mplayer through
the graphic interface (Pirut)!

It works! For how long is another question. As long as Microsoft doesn't
change the server settings, I suppose.


Through the graphic interface (Pirut):

1) Remove Totem. (If anybody managed to read wmv at Radio-Canada with
Totem, please explain. I never could.)

2) Do not remove gstreamer, except what directly relates to Totem.

3) Install pretty much all pertaining to Mplayer. Probably only Mplayer,
the codecs and the Mozilla plugin are necessary, but if you have enough
disk space, suit yourself.

4) The volume control provided by Radio-Canada/Microsoft doesn't work. (It
must be Silverlight and Red Hat righly refuses to use Moonlight, the free
version of Silverlight.) If you touch this volume control, it shuts off
the sound. As the buffer is filling, right click on the image, choose [C]
for Console and adjust the volume there.

Note that this is absolutely no solution to the state television using
proprietary formats. Political pressure must be exercised.

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