How do I switch mirror for rpmfusion?

stan gryt2 at
Mon Jul 13 00:28:53 UTC 2009

On Sun, 12 Jul 2009 16:04:52 -0700
Kam Leo <kam.leo at> wrote:

> Torrent speed depends upon the combined donated bandwidth of
> participants.  Works great when you have a large pool of peers and
> seeders. Too few participants and you might be downloading at 3K-4K
> bit/sec or waiting forever to get the last piece of a file.  Speed
> also drops off dramatically after the initial availability/offering of
> a file.
This shouldn't be a problem if all Fedora repositories are acting as
seeders.  But of course that requires them to convert their file
handling methods (anonymous ftp(?) to torrent).  I don't know how big a
task that is but it could be a show stopper.  The load on the servers
would be shared more equally though.  And if even some peers keep
seeding for up to 24 hours after initial availability, they would carry
a lot of the load for updates during the high demand of initial

And everyone would be familiar with the method when getting new

It has to have enough benefit to overcome the inertia of sticking
with the currently working system, though, and the delta has to be
clear.  Why do a lot of work, introducing bugs and chaos, for no gain?

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