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rt2860 driver in fc11

Dear List,
I have installed fc11 (i386) on a laptop with a min-pci wireless card from Sparklan, the WMIR-270N 802.11n 2.4/5.8Ghz Mini-PCI ( Ralink RT2880 MIPS CPU+2850, 2T3R).

The kernel has the rt2860 driver support. However, wpa_supplicant has not been able to associate with the AP.

I am using the same

as I was using in fc7 - which worked well using the driver downloaded from

However, in FC11, wpa is unable to associate no matther which
driver I use (i.e. the one the kernel comes with or the one I generate
from the source downloaded from the link above.

If anyone has had success with rt2860 using wpa2-psk and tkip,
could you please share with us the  3 files I mention above?
Needless to say, erase your wpa password before posting them here :) :)

Thank you,


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