Viewing Attached Pictures in Thunderbird ?

Ed Greshko Ed.Greshko at
Mon Jul 13 04:11:51 UTC 2009

Jim wrote:
> Thunderbird-3.0b3pre.
> When getting  pictures in Attachment, I can't view them in
> Thunderbird, have to "Save As" in home directory to view *.jpg pictures.
> In the email it's showing the;
> Content-Type    Application/Octet-Stream
>                           name= "*.jpg "
> How can I setup in Preferences to display this "Octet Stream" by 
> using Gwenview to view pictures.
> These Damn Emails are probably  coming from Outlook and Thunderbird
> can't view attached pictures.
If I get these types of emails I don't need to "save" them.  They won't
display "inline" but if I double click on the attachment it will launch
the "display" application.  This is controlled by the mimeTypes.rdf file
in your thunderbird profile.  I've attached mine as at .txt file and I
think it will make it to this list....

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