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Re: Does Iced Tea Web Start work on Fedora 10? What about Fedora 11?

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 2:08 AM, Rick Sewill<rsewill gmail com> wrote:
> Step 2 - Complete your setup fails when I use Iced Tea Web Start on
> Fedora 10.  I click Configuration Room to test my connection, the
> web page changes to a web page with, "Launching Elluminate Live...",
> and a pop-up asks me what I should use to open meeting.jnlp.
> If I select "Iced Tea Web Start (default)", nothing happens.

Same here on Fedora 11

> I guess I am asking if other people can get Ice Tea Web Start to work.
> I'm hoping to get a clue what I am doing wrong so it will work for me.

On the Sun's download page there's a footnote saying:

* Please use the 32-bit version for Java applet and Java Web Start support.

so my guess is elluminate (and other webstart based sites like webex)
expects and works only with the 32 bit variant.

Now the question is whether it is possible to install the openjdk 32
bit java plugin in a 64 bit OS...

Gianluca Sforna


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