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Re: Triple boot windows, fedora, and rawhide

Mike Chambers wrote:

> What I ended up doing, was having my main work station set to dual boot
> as normal, with grub installed to the mbr.  I then installed rawhide and
> just installed grub to the first boot partition.  Then edited grub on my
> main workstation with a stanza for rawhide.  Now, I can install kernels
> or whatever on each install, and don't have to update grub manually.

true, you can chain this way. but what happens if you have a problem with
sector 00 on either of these partitions?

if you lose 00 on your partition, you lose lose your chain to your new
install. if you lose 00 on your mbr, you lose both.

there is nothing wrong with doing what you did. it works. but do cover
yourself, have something in event of a 00 failure.

i did not explain this in other post, and i should have.

> Don't know if it's the easiest or best, but it seems to work fine
> without having to share dir's and all that mess.

easy it is. best is to be found out with time.

as for having to share directories, you do not have to share them. you can
set grub.conf to pull kernel and initrd from which ever place you want.

advantage of chain load is that when you upgrade kernel, grub.conf will be
updated to it's associated /boot directory.

if you use a common /boot, same thing.

what ever you decide, do make a recovery boot disk or usb memory. you can
use rescue mode from install cd/dvd, but there are times when it does not

main thing, know and understand what procedures you have as options and you
will have less problems down the road.



peace out.



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