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Re: Fedora 11: Switching to single user mode (runlevel 1) -- Hey g.

Tim wrote:
> On Sun, 2009-07-12 at 22:24 -0400, David wrote:
>> I see. You would expect me to ask, please send me your public GnuPG
>> key, from someone I asked publicly and politely to post it or stop
>> signing. From someone who then publicly attacked me and insulted me
>> and said rude things to me and to the list about me.


excuse my delay in replying. noise got in way so i decided to wait until
it quited down.

for someone to send me an email offlist and complain about my sig making
them feel dumb and remove it is more like telling to stop doing something
because i make them feel dumb and they do not like to feel dumb. if they
feel dumb because of it, then maybe they need to have a look at links and
learn something so they will feel less dumb.

i have had many offlist emails asking about the 'learn linux' links and
which one would be best to help them learn linux. most of whom have even
written back and thanked me for having the sig and leading them to where
they have found more help.

who do you think i will give more precedence to?

30 days later, to the day, they post publicly that my pgp is causing them
problems because their email is a second or two longer because their email
is trying to find my public key and can not. so because of this, they tell
me to post my key or remove it.

did this just start happening? was it not happening 30 days ago? why did
they not make mention about the key 30 days ago?

do i expect you to answer for them? !no! i do not. you are not them.

to me it seemed like they were starting a 30 day period cycle of complaint
and gripping. [i can not use that other word]

i went thru period problems with my last wife and that is why she is now
my ex-wife.

> I'd expect you (or anyone else) to ask someone if they can publish their
> key, or send it to you, and accept whatever the outcome was.  I don't
> expect someone to demand someone else stop signing mail, or demand
> anything else, *THAT* is rude.  And you can expect rude demands to be
> replied to with a similar lack of courtesy.

i have had many offlist emails stating that they tried to pull my key but
could not find it on any server and would i mind sending it to them.

i told them that i had published my key years before and that i had a spam
increase so i stopped publishing it and i sent them my key.

there were a couple who tried to impress me with 'facts they knew' about
how keys worked and that i had to publish it. i played with them and told
them that i had to publish nothing and that if someone wanted my key, all
they had to do was ask. when they asked, i sent it. most wrote back and
thanked me. i did not ask them to thank me, it was just their way of being
polite. some people know how to be polite, some do not. i know how to be
polite, just as i can not be polite. i just find it easier to be polite.

i started using pgp because before i did, i had someone send an email as
me and it caused a big stink, even to a point where i was advised to seek
legal advice and i did. things even got to a point where a court date was
set, but before that happened, proof was found and presented to prove that
i had not sent email.

as i mentioned in another post, someone from this list tried to forge an
email in my name, but it did get caught by list server and i received a
notice that it had happened.

i am not sure who sent it, does not really matter. i have an idea of who,
but that does not matter. because it did not show up on list, they know
that they failed. funny thing about it is that i believe that i have an
idea of what it was about because when a poster made a comment about his
wife, it did hit with an implication and he was wide open for a come back.

i started to, but decided against it. i do wish i had emailed him offlist
and let him know just how wide open his statement was. i do believe that
he would have enjoyed knowing about it and had he told his wife, well i
do hope she has a good sense of humor.

that is in past, but is another reason of why i send to this and other list
with a pgp sig.

what is really interesting about those who moan and groan about a second
or two delay about email clients not finding a pgp sig key is that they
say nothing about the posters who continue to use 'text/html' to post to
this list.

like it does not take any longer to download a message that is 2 to 4 times
larger because it is 'text/html' than if it was 'text/plain'?

or is it that they are not as aware of fact that they are receiving
'text/html' email as they are when they have a brief pause and up pops
across displayed header that pgp sig could not be verified. and then they
do not see that until they read the email or note who it is from.

> Don't get your knickers in a twist if you get insulted after being rude
> to someone.

some people do not understand how they come across when they have their
mind set to 'they are right and anyone who disagrees is wrong'. they get
their 'panties in a wad' are tend to be just down right irritated with
every thing and every one.

as they age and become mature, if they have anything about themselves,
they will wake up and realize why there is a baskin-robbins. which by the
way, is about the only 'monthly' that i can say that i really enjoy.

btw. i enjoyed your 'knights of the round table'. (gbwg)

later friend.


peace out.



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