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Re: Rant: Clamav is not well-integrated

G.Wolfe Woodbury wrote:
I've just spent a frustrating two hours trying to get clamav installed and running. Ultimately I turned if off again to get mail flowing.

First, there are too many different packages required to get the system working: clamav-milter, clamav-scanner, freshclam, etc....
There should be an easy to install package that gets everything.

Second: The integration into the user system is messy, two usernames and multiple groups and conflicting permissions are in use.

Third: It takes manual intervention to get sendmail.mc correctly formed and clamav integrated. I understand that this is necessarily a manual process, but there is essentially no documentation of what should be done in a recipe.

Fourth: Clamav-milter is different from clamd and there is no initscript support for clamd (the scanner daemon) which should be controlled by the clamav-milter initscript.

Fifth: Freshclam (the updater) should be better integrated. It takes a separate install and configuration (manual) step, and then it complains that the version is already out-of-date!

Sixth: I really appreciate the work that the package maintainer has done, but the integration and logic are much less than clear and clean.

Thanks for listening.

G.Wolfe Woodbury

I sure pretty much anyone who uses clamav uses the one from RPMforge.

Its a lot tidier and actually works out the box, and has a service set up for clamd

The fedora one is well known for its awfulness


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