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Re: simple LDAP for address book?

On 13/07/09 22:39, Tom Horsley wrote:

Anyone know of a simple howto somewhere on the net for
setting up LDAP just to use for a personal address book?
(Preferably some server offered in fedora repos).

I haven't used either of these myself, but they might fit your needs if you haven't seen them already.


FWIW, a year or two back I setup an addressbook using Fedora Directory Services. I found that there was a lot of variation in what fields different applications expected entries to reside. Some applications could be configured to use certain fields, others couldn't and required some magic trickery on the server side. I could see the advantage for an enterprise with thousands of addresses, using a specific set of corporate apps pre-configured for LDAP but it was more pain that it was worth for a personal addressbook. YMMV of course. :)

Ian Chapman.

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