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Re: mailing list pgp signatures...

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On 07/13/09 13:43, quoth Fennix:

> Somehow I am disappointed to see all of this.  G does not write often but
> does so when he does think that it is worth offering a usefull contribution
> to a problem at hand.  For some to try and to tar him with the
> association/way of doing things such as Karl definitely is in error.  He is
> far more knowledgeable about Unix and Linux than Karl and has show this in
> his emails.  He does not write as Karl has done to complain of many issues
> based on incomplete understanding of Linux and specifically of Fedora.
>  Normally I only see G's responses when he is offering useful information to
> some question at hand.  I am not sure I have ever seen him complain except
> in response to an email (perhaps unreasonably) attacking him on some
> question.
> He does have the support of Ann Wilson (a message long ago) and she is one
> that is close to the top of my list of "respected" posters to this group.
>  David, I do understand the basis of your complaint regarding delays caused
> by usage of GPG public keys which are not registered which leads to very
> lengthy delays, and I also can see from G's response his reasoning for his
> current way of sending emails to this list using a GPG signature (key
> offered on request (manual)).  I would be very sorry to not have the
> privelage of G's advice on this list as it always has been usefull and
> concise.... Hopefully we can all be more open minded on this question.
> Fennix

I am mystified as to what you're trying to say. G is blacklisted by a few
people now because of his lack of respect or understanding of how email works
in general and PGP in particular. You have the option of not blacklisting his

Sometimes people do things on the net that are considered to be minor
violations of social protocols. This is all a part of being civilized. Posting
html, top posting, not reducing quoted text, these are all examples of how
people can get legitimately irritated. Other examples include things like
having Subject lines that say "Help" or "Hi" when they're trying to get
assistance with a video card that's not talking well with F11.

But what G did was much worse. He insisted on putting a little bomb in his
mail that causes a number of us to just plain hang for periods that are
measured in minutes, not just once, but for every message that he sends and
for every time that we try to read it. Having a lack of respect for other
people's time is way high up on my list of things that make me go out of my
way to resort to blacklisting.

I'm pretty knowledgeable in a number of areas too, and I would expect that
when I make a social gaff like that, that people would let me know so I could
correct it. Instead, G explained why he is *not* going to publish his public
key. If his key is published and someone else informs us of that happy event
then I'd be happy to unblacklist him. Till then, it doesn't matter how smart,
rich, handsome, famous or whatever else is marvelous about him. My time is
more important.

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