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Re: mailing list pgp signatures...

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On 7/13/2009 1:43 PM, Fennix wrote:
>big snip<

> Somehow I am disappointed to see all of this.  G does not write often
> but does so when he does think that it is worth offering a usefull
> contribution to a problem at hand.  For some to try and to tar him with
> the association/way of doing things such as Karl definitely is in error.
>  He is far more knowledgeable about Unix and Linux than Karl and has
> show this in his emails.  He does not write as Karl has done to complain
> of many issues based on incomplete understanding of Linux and
> specifically of Fedora.  Normally I only see G's responses when he is
> offering useful information to some question at hand.  I am not sure I
> have ever seen him complain except in response to an email (perhaps
> unreasonably) attacking him on some question.
> He does have the support of Ann Wilson (a message long ago) and she is
> one that is close to the top of my list of "respected" posters to this
> group.  David, I do understand the basis of your complaint regarding
> delays caused by usage of GPG public keys which are not registered which
> leads to very lengthy delays, and I also can see from G's response his
> reasoning for his current way of sending emails to this list using a GPG
> signature (key offered on request (manual)).  I would be very sorry to
> not have the privelage of G's advice on this list as it always has been
> usefull and concise.... Hopefully we can all be more open minded on this
> question.
> Fennix

I reply only because I am mentioned by name.

I asked politely and gave a reason for my request. He replied with
name-calling and insults. I don't sign post to mailing lists. My keys, I
have several for different reasons and email address, are posted. I also
have a very private key which I have only given to certain people. I
would never use that for anyone but them.

I hope he offers you many and useful tips and pointers in the future.

I no longer care what he does.

End of Thread.

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