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Re: mailing list pgp signatures...

Fennix wrote:

> Somehow I am disappointed to see all of this.  G does not write often but
> does so when he does think that it is worth offering a usefull contribution

i thank you for your support. even if it was 'text/html'. :)

i am not aware of 'karl', from what you say about him, i appreciate that you
do not hold me in same realm.

i have been with unix from early s100 days and linux from early days just
after slackware on floppy and red hat from their 1st cd's.

i do not consider myself as highly knowledge of linux and i know that there
is a lot i am still to learn. when i see a post that i feel that i can help
with, i will reply.

a couple of times i have been a little 'off base' with my reply and when i
have been corrected or further informed, i have been appreciative.

i agree with you about anne wilson. i know her from when she first started
with linux and i hold her in high regard. i have kidded her a few times, but
all in all, i do like her and believe that she has accomplished very much
with her learning.

as for david, this whole situation could have been avoided if his attitude
had been different from start. granted, i did not respond he wished and i
do believe that this is very much a part of why he has reacted as he has.

he needs to mature and gain a better understanding of how to deal with
people. not be child like and act as he has because he did not get his
way and i did not conform to his wishes.

if he and others do not care for my sig and use of a pgp sig and wish to
filter me, fine. that is their right. filter all they want.

thank you for your response.


peace out.



in a free world without fences, who needs gates.
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to mess up a linux box, you need to work at it.
to mess up an ms windows box, you just need to *look* at it.
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