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Groupware autoconfiguration?

This isn't a Fedora-specific question but the Fedora user community may

Is there some standard for auto-configuring groupware services (Mail,
Calendar, Address Book), somewhat like what Exchange offers? Something
where I input a username, password and URL, and in return receive all
the proper settings and 'access codes' (passwords, trusts, etc.) for
IMAP, CalDAV, CardDAV/LDAP, etc.? Maybe even just a XML file access over

If such a thing doesn't exist, what body would institute things like
this? I know CalDAV servers are just starting to stabilize and CardDAV
is still very fresh and unsupported but groupware seems to be one of the
last bastions of proprietary software that must be provided a
fully-featured alternative.

Chris Thielen <cmthielen ucdavis edu>
Systems Administrator
Department of History
2208 Social Science & Humanities
University of California Davis
(530) 752-6043

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