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Re: Fedora 11: Switching to single user mode (runlevel 1) -- Hey g.

g wrote:
> David wrote:
>> Top post here on purpose. Hey g. Would you, could you, do me, and
>> others, a favor? Please?
>> Either do as you are supposed to do when using GnuPG to sign your emails
> there are no hard set 'rules' stating that one *has* to *publish* their
> *public keys*.
While there are no "hard set rules" on this, please have a look at:


In the event this URL get mangled it reads:

   Do not use a PGP Style Signature that is not published.

Use of PGP or GnuPG signing is encouraged. However, if the corresponding
key is not published on a public   keyserver, then the message will
cause all MUA's that are PGP aware to hang while they try all known
keyservers. This can take a long time and is not respectful of other
people's time.

So, it is in this mailing list's guidelines.  It is your choice to
ignore the guidelines and it equally the choice, dare I say "right", of
others to become upset when guidelines are ignored.

Since you seem to be using Thunderbird as your email client you may want
to consider using the Enigmail addon to assist you in following the
guidelines.  It will allow you to pick when signatures are attached and,
assuming you wish to abide by the guidelines, you can omit the signature
when sending to this list with your aversion to placing your public key
on a keyserver.

All that being said....  I don't experience the delays noted above since
I do use Enigmail but I don't have the "automatic" download of public
keys enabled.  People could do the same so as not to be annoyed by your
practice...but that seems a bit drastic to ask/expect others to alter
their ways to eliminate  an avoidable annoyance that is expressly
pointed out in the guidelines. 

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