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Re: What is you fedora way to compile from git?

davide wrote:
> Hi guys, I would like to foolow banshee development from git. But at
> the same time I dont want to loose the good banshee package from
> fedora.
> Do you fedora guys have a favorite way to build up a packages from
> git that does not conflict with the official one?
> Maybe some different lines in the .spec file?

It depends a bit on the software you are packaging.  Some things are
easier to install multiple versions in parallel.  An application like
banshee may not be among them.  You might be able to install it using
a different prefix, say /usr/local or /opt or something.

Alternately, if banshee can be built and run from the git checkout,
that's an option.  I do this to test gtkpod quite often.  I simply
leave out the 'make install' and run the freshly built gtkpod binary
that is in the src dir of the gtkpod checkout.

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