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Re: How do I switch mirror for rpmfusion?

Tim Wrote:

> Are you downloading from local mirrors, or mirrors world-wide?

ifcfg said I was downloading from btr0x2.rz.uni-bayreuth.de .

I also tried to download Knoppix from tu-chemnitz with wget and got the
same type of speed.

Do you really believe that <B>both</B> uni-bayreuth and tu-chemnitz were
at less than 1/10 their normal speed in the middle of the night in

I called my provider yesterday to see if they had any problem. I was told
there is none. I downloaded a file from their site at 575 kB/s ! They say
they're not responsible for whatever happens beyond. I suppose that's a
given fact.

Speaking network problems... Does anyone know the reason why Red Hat's
site was offline twice in the last few days with only a page with
worldwide support phone numbers?

Altern doesn't fare very well either. Yesterday, I tried to save a draft
but was advised that the imap server had lost connection. Then, I couldn't
log in, receiving the message "Utilisateur inconnu ou mot de passe
incorrect. Retourner à la page d'accès." (Unknow user or incorrect
password. Go back to login page.) Then, the site was completely offline.
Today, it's back. This happened too often recently. I wasn't a regular of
Red Hat's site, but I would think that being offline twice in maybe three
days is also very peculiar for Red Hat.

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