Can anyone reproduce this Twinkle bug on Fedora 11?

Andre Robatino andre at
Tue Jul 14 19:38:13 UTC 2009

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When I make an outgoing call using Twinkle, it hangs with a continuous
ring, and has to be killed.  The called party gets the ring, so they can
call back, at least, after I restart it - incoming works normally.  For
some reason, the hang doesn't happen calling the Ekiga echo test number,
but does happen if I call myself, which makes it easy to test for.  It
doesn't seem to matter which SIP account one is registered to.  Kevin
Fenzi was unable to reproduce it, but one of my contacts can, on
completely different hardware.

I know about Ekiga, but it's been unusable for me on Fedora since
Version 3.  Bugs have already been reported against it, and I'll test it
each time a new version comes out, but it's not there yet.  I asked on
the twinklephone list, and got no response, so maybe no one there uses
F11.  Twinkle worked normally for us on F10.
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