Suddenly I can't start AudioDVD

William Case billlinux at
Wed Jul 15 05:04:30 UTC 2009

Thanks Tim

I apologize for my bit of a smart ass reply this morning.  I had been up
all night over a family matter.

On Wed, 2009-07-15 at 14:18 +0930, Tim wrote:
> On Tue, 2009-07-14 at 09:14 -0400, William Case wrote:
> > I have filed a bug although there seem to be a lot of related bugs.
> Posting the bug number helps others contribute to the fault finding.

The bug is

I have noticed that the thread "Re: From the top... how do I get sound
working in F11 ?" has many of the same elements as my problems.  The
data I have left with bug 511178 is sparse mainly because I have
exchanged so much info on this list and with bugzilla that I am no
longer sure where to start over.  Anything extra that you think I should
post or add to the bug let me know and I will be glad to comply as
quickly as I can.

Regards Bill
Fedora 11, Gnome 2.26.2
Evo.2.26.2, Emacs 22.3.1

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