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Re: Setting up OpenVPN semi-manually

Bill Davidsen wrote:
I have a VPN gateway using OpenVPN, running a custom distribution. It has keys which were generated by hand, installed by hand, etc. It has no GUI, no X, firewall only.

I am looking for a doc on how I take a key from a file on the server, and install it using the NetworkManager. Just poking the GUI didn't make it obvious, I got one working by taking NM out and installing by hand using my Slackware notes, but that's really ugly.
Not exactly what you specified perhaps, but NM can import an OpenVPN config file, which contains pointers to the digital certificate files, to define a VPN connection. Just did this on a new F11 netbook I was setting up. Needs the NetworkManager-openvpn package installed.

David King
dave at daveking dot com

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