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Applications Dock functionality (launcher, lister, switcher combined), no eye candy required?


I am looking for an application which can function as applications dock (combined functions of applications launcher, lister and switcher), similar to OS X dock, but I don't need the eye candy (transparency, 3d effect, icon enlargement, bouncing icon, etc.) (in fact, when I use OS X, I set its dock visual effect to minimum). I actually prefer low weight low resources application, something like WindowMaker's application dock (not its widget dock) but works well with other desktop environment (i.e. can do drag & drop). It should also available in various distro, but specifically at present I need it to run in Fedora.

I tried Docker, but when I run it nothing show up in the screen. I tried SimDock, but it has several issues (does not seems to show an application is running, has errors, does not work well with GNOME). I tried GNOME Do (to get its Docky) but it has error (Failed to contact configuration server) that I still debug. Avant WM and CairoDock seems to be too heavy weight (need composited screen).

Any other suggestion? Thanks!

   ____  ____  ____  ____ (stephan paul) Arif Sahari Wibowo
  /___  /___/ /___/ /___      http://www.arifsaha.com/
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