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Re: 64-bit LXDE spin/remix

On 07/16/2009 03:52 AM, Globe Trotter wrote:

> Thanks very much! Btw, is there any issue with using the F bubble, since this is not a real F spin, instead of the burger man? 

For private use, it doesn't matter. For redistribution, you shouldn't
use the primary Fedora trademarks including the logo in visible places
for your own live cd's

Are there other choices available?


# yum list plymouth-theme-\* to check out the themes and
plymouth-set-default-theme --list to list them and the command followed
by the name of the theme --rebuild-initrd to switch to a different one


# plymouth-set-default-theme fade-in --rebuild-initrd

> On a different note, is gnomebaker preferred over Xfburn? The latter seems smaller, certainly.

Personally, I haven't had much experience with either of them. So can't
really say. Xfburn used to crash and burn in the early releases but I
haven't tried it recently.


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