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Re: grub Q

On Wednesday 15 July 2009, stan wrote:
>On Wed, 15 Jul 2009 22:13:27 -0400
>Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:
>> Greetings all;
>> I have added another drive, making 4 sata drives now, and installed a
>> 64 bit distro on it, but didn't let the installer overwrite my dual
>> boot setup on /dev/sda1.
>> Is it sufficient to add the new drives that aren't actually in the
>> /boot/grub/device.map how, in their logical order, or must a new
>> grub-install be done?
>If I understand your question, you just have to add a stanza in the
>menu.lst of the boot partition on /dev/sda1 pointing to the boot
>partition of the new install.

I have tried to do that and failed, but after I gave up and booted back to 
F10, I found that diskdrake did not actually use the /dev/sdd3 and up 
partitions that I told it to, translating
 /dev/sdd2 into the extended partition, and then continueing the sequence not 
at /sss/dev/sdd3, but at /dev/sdd5, so the last one is /dev/sdd10, but its 
actually the 8th partition.  Confuuzzin ain't it?

>Well, you did install the boot
>information on a boot partition on the new drive I assume (the
>installer asks you if you want to do that instead of overwriting the

No, I didn't let it install the boot loader at all.  However I've found, from 
the /dev/sdd10/etc/fdisk, that it also left out a partition I need, so I'll 
reinstall again tomorrow & see if I can 'get it right'.

Can I let it install to the mbr of /dev/sdd without confusing the one on 
/dev/sda?  I have added the two newer drives to /dev/sda1/grub/device.map now, 
and I'm hoping that will be sufficient for grub to find the new boot files 
(once they are installed that is)

>Here is the stanza I use, but I have seen other people on the list say
>they use chainloader +1.
>title Fedora 11 sata 1 boot 1
>  root (hd2,0)
>  configfile /grub/menu.lst
>If you don't have a separate boot partition, the second line has to be
>configfile /boot/grub/menu.lst

Which I may have to build, all I got from the install was an obviously wrong 
/boot/grub/menu.lst-example.  And yes the new drive does have a /boot 
partition (as does the current F10 install) where all the normal files live.  
But that new /boot/grub, on /dev/sdd1 is, except for the menu.lst-example, is 
otherwise empty.

Many Thanks for the prompt response.

Cheers, Gene
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