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Re: grub Q

On Wed, 15 Jul 2009 23:21:46 -0400
Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:

> I have tried to do that and failed, but after I gave up and booted
> back to F10, I found that diskdrake did not actually use
> the /dev/sdd3 and up partitions that I told it to, translating
>  /dev/sdd2 into the extended partition, and then continueing the
> sequence not at /sss/dev/sdd3, but at /dev/sdd5, so the last one
> is /dev/sdd10, but its actually the 8th partition.  Confuuzzin ain't
> it?

Too confusing for me. :-)

> Can I let it install to the mbr of /dev/sdd without confusing the one
> on /dev/sda?  I have added the two newer drives
> to /dev/sda1/grub/device.map now, and I'm hoping that will be
> sufficient for grub to find the new boot files (once they are
> installed that is)

I've never had a problem just installing to the new boot partition.  I
haven't used the device.map file at all.  The root (hd?,?) tells grub
where to find the new boot partition I want.

You could probably install to the mbr of dev/sdd but that would be
ignored because it isn't the first drive in the boot sequence.  Better
to choose the boot partition.  This is all kind of fuzzy for me,
because I always just choose to install to the new boot partition, sort
of on autopilot, because it works, no thinking required.

> Which I may have to build, all I got from the install was an
> obviously wrong /boot/grub/menu.lst-example.  And yes the new drive
> does have a /boot partition (as does the current F10 install) where
> all the normal files live. But that new /boot/grub, on /dev/sdd1 is,
> except for the menu.lst-example, is otherwise empty.

I suspect it must be the option to install the mbr there that populates
it, because it has always been correct when I install.  I just point to
it from the master boot partition, and the second menu comes up,
letting me select the kernel I want to boot.  I change the fstab on the
new system to let me mount and edit the master boot partition directly.

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