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PostgreSQL setup and use

I'm trying to use PostgreSQL on Fedora Core 10 and 11 and have a couple issues and questions:

1. When you install the postgresql-server package, it doesn't start the service so you have to do this manually. This seems like an extra unneeded step since if I'm installing it, I likely want to use it but fair enough. To start it though I bring up the Services program and enable the postgresql service and then try to start it. It fails without giving any message or information. I then went to the Terminal and ran the /etc/init.d/postgresql script manually with the "start" parameter. I then see it wants me to run the script with initdb first before I can start it. Again fair enough but now thats a couple extra steps and the need to run things from the command line to get the database running which seems user hostile. On other distributions when I install the server, when it's installed it's ready to run. Or at least the first time I do the "start" it will create the initial db for me instead of requiring an extra command.

So is there a good reason for all these extra steps? Could this not be streamlined?

2. So now I have it installed and I try to create a database using createdb. I'm logged in as bpepers and just do "createdb foo" on the command line. I get this error message:

createdb: could not connect to database postgres: FATAL: Ident authentication failed for user "bpepers"

Anyone know why this is happening? The pg_hba.conf is using "ident sameuser" for local connections. As far as I know this should allow the postgresql server to authenticate that I'm me. The PostgreSQL docs says it uses SO_PEERCRED which should be supported on Linux. Being able to create a database for myself works on *every* other distribution I've used (Mandriva, SuSE, RHEL, Ubuntu, ...) and without this it's pretty useless.

The above issues make it very difficult to use PostgreSQL on Fedora Core 10 and 11. The first problem means a number of extra steps run as root and the second seems to mean the user will have to edit PostgreSQL config files in order to get things running. If anyone knows of an easier way to get this working or a solution to the ident authentication failing, please let me know! And if there is someone specifically to ask these questions or make suggestions to the postgresql-server package install process, let me know!


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