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Re: good external hard drives (e.g. WD Elements)?

On 07/16/2009 09:58 AM, Tim wrote:
Now I'm wondering what can be trusted as a medium for removable backups.
I much prefer the notion of something like a drive that carries
uncompressed copies of files, for direct access to a backup.  Rather
than serial access tapes, or terribly slow multi-DVD collections.

I found USB drives to be hugely unreliable. I ended up removing the disks from their enclosures and using them inside the main computer chassis, like a normal drive.

I think something is buggy with the USB drive implementation, though I don't know what exactly (kernel driver, enclosure electronics, who knows...)

You might have better luck with eSATA drives, rather than USB.

For my backups, I prefer to use something like rsnapshot (http://rsnapshot.org/) to copy files to a remote live computer. This works very well and very reliably, for me.

- Mike

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