Status of a 2.6.30 kernel ? Other sources for a 2.6.30 kernel.

linux guy linuxguy123 at
Thu Jul 16 15:30:59 UTC 2009

So... I found the koji site and I found a 2.6.31-rc3 kernel rpm for
fc12.  It installed on my machine just fine with rpm -i.

However, when I rebooted my computer all I got was a flashing cursor.
No grub kernel select screen, no nothing.

I am now running from a Fedora 9 live CD I had laying around.  I can
see the hard drive and its partitions from the live session.  How
would I fix the F11 installation so it runs again ?  Is it possible to
do an rpm -e on the non running F11 partition from the F9 live session


On 7/16/09, Gabriel Ogunleye <gabriel at> wrote:
> On 16/07/2009 14:20, "Linuxguy123" <linuxguy123 at> wrote:
>> Its been suggested that the root issue with the Intel/ Pulseaudio sound
>> problem has been addressed in the 2.6.30 kernels.
>> Does anyone know when a 2.6.30 kernel will be released ?  Is there a
>> prebuilt 2.6.30 kernel in an unstable, testing or development repository
>> somewhere ?  If so, how would I easily install it using yum ?
>> Thanks
> You might want to wait for all the support packages to come out as well. I'm
> not suggesting that installing a newer kernel doesn't have it's benefits -
> but I tend to find that upgrading a kernel to fix one problem, generally
> brings one or two more with it :)
> I would suggest compiling it locally - so at least you know that it'll work,
> and you can rollback to a working kernel.
> Good luck, (because I'm sure your going to install it one way or another!),
> and I hope you solve your issue
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