Installing Fc11 on a 250gb Sata drive.

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Thu Jul 16 16:03:23 UTC 2009

Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> On 07/15/2009 03:15:32 PM, Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> Geoffrey Leach wrote:
>>> There are none. I have both F10 and F11 on SATAs. The only
>> difference 
>>> is that the SATA drives show up as /dev/sda, etc.
>> Please excuse my ignorance - what hard drives do NOT show up as SCSI
>> drives?
> Those would be IDE drives that show up as /dev/hda ... Of course, you 
> probably don' have any of those ... nor do I :-)
Sorry, but at least as far back as F8, IDE drives showed up as SCSI
drives. (Yes, I have one P4 system with IDE/PATA drives.)


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