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Re: [fedora-list] How do a fix a non working kernel installation ?

> I did that, twice, first off, before I ever posted to the group.   The
> f12 kernel installed to default 0 and then I had 2 f11 2.6.29 kernels
> in positions 1 and 2.  I changed the default to both of them and
> neither would boot.

I have had this problem often when I've been moving disks around or
when I am testing out new operating systems.  It has always been
one of two things:

  1. the BIOS has reordered disks and you aren't booting from the
     disk you want, or
  2. (similar to above), the disk identified in grub is the wrong one
     and needs to be dhanged.  Where you see something like
     root (hd0,0), you may need to change it to root(hd1,0).

This can sometimes be caused by a USB device being present (or not).
If you loaded your OS with a USB drive, it may have shifted all the
hd's when creating the grub.conf file.

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