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Re: F11 upgrade - worse than Windows

TM = Timothy Murphy wrote:
TM>> I'm trying to upgrade a Thinkpad T23 (with preupgrade) from F10.
TM>> Everything went fine until "Finishing upgrade process",
TM>> which has been running now for 14 hours,
TM>> with that ghastly imitation-Windows yo-yo swinging from side to side.
TM>> I am told, "This may take a little while" !!!
TM>> Please, this is Linux.
TM>> Tell us what is happening,
TM>> and show us what progress is being made.

SA = Simon Andrews wrote:
SA> I saw this too (but not for that long).  Going into a
SA> shell I saw that anaconda was only taking ~2%CPU...

How did you get a shell when you were in the "Please wait while setup is finished. This may take a while" state?

I'm stuck in this state with a desktop machine. I'm updating F10 -> F11 with the network install CD and can't tell why it is stuck. I started the install 19 hours ago.

Any help would be appreciated,

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