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Re: F11 upgrade - worse than Windows

See the "software upgrade failed" thread on this list.
Due to all mirrors out of sync, any network install
(or install with online repositories included) is impossible
at now. I learned that on Sunday, July 12. I did terminate
an installation from DVD with online repositories
included. An offline installation worked well. On Monday
15:00 UTC there was a window for doing the updates, but
mirrors got de-synced after that again...


Am 16.07.2009 20:17, schrieb Peter J. Stieber:
TM = Timothy Murphy wrote:
TM>> I'm trying to upgrade a Thinkpad T23 (with preupgrade) from F10.
TM>> Everything went fine until "Finishing upgrade process",
TM>> which has been running now for 14 hours,
TM>> with that ghastly imitation-Windows yo-yo swinging from side to side.
TM>> I am told, "This may take a little while" !!!
TM>> Please, this is Linux.
TM>> Tell us what is happening,
TM>> and show us what progress is being made.

SA = Simon Andrews wrote:
SA> I saw this too (but not for that long). Going into a
SA> shell I saw that anaconda was only taking ~2%CPU...

How did you get a shell when you were in the "Please wait while setup is
finished. This may take a while" state?

I'm stuck in this state with a desktop machine. I'm updating F10 -> F11
with the network install CD and can't tell why it is stuck. I started
the install 19 hours ago.

Any help would be appreciated,

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