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Re: F11 upgrade - worse than Windows

TM = Timothy Murphy
TM>>>> I'm trying to upgrade a Thinkpad T23 (with
TM>>>> preupgrade) from F10.  Everything went fine
TM>>>> until "Finishing upgrade process", which
TM>>>> has been running now for 14 hours, with that
TM>>>> ghastly imitation-Windows yo-yo swinging
TM>>>> from side to side.
TM>>>> I am told, "This may take a little while" !!!
TM>>>> Please, this is Linux.
TM>>>> Tell us what is happening,
TM>>>> and show us what progress is being made.

AA = Simon Andrews
SA>>> I saw this too (but not for that long). Going
SA>>> into a shell I saw that anaconda was only
SA>>> taking ~2%CPU...

PS = Pete Stieber
PS>> How did you get a shell when you were in the
PS>> "Please wait while setup is finished. This may
PS>> take a while" state?
PS>> I'm stuck in this state with a desktop machine.
PS>> I'm updating F10 -> F11 with the network install
PS>> CD and can't tell why it is stuck. I started
PS>> the install 19 hours ago.

MK = Markus Kesaromous
MK> What I suggest is that you get the full F11 DVD iso
MK> and do the upgrade from that. Doing an upgrade can
MK> be problematic because it is possible that some or
MK> many rpms you currently have on F10 (which you
MK> might have installed from repositories other than
MK> Redhat/Fedora), will fail the upgrade.

I only use Fedora repos.  I don't even use rpmfusion.

MK> May I ask why you want to do an "upgrade" vs "install"??

I have a little over 10 machines I administer at work. They all have run Fedora since Fedora Core 1. They all have been update with occasional HW fixes along the way, and yes, there are always problems upgrading, but I just look on this list and the net to figure out solutions.

I've been doing network install CD updates since that was available. I've used the preupgrade process on a few machines for F10 -> F11, but was bit by the mirror problems last Saturday. I upgraded a similar i386 machine using the network install CD yesterday so I figured the mirror problem was fixed.

Don't be afraid to upgrade if you are willing to deal with all of the problems, just backup first.


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