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Re: F11 upgrade - worse than Windows

PS = Pete Stieber
PS>> Thanks Kevin.  That's exactly what I needed!
PS>> In the shell I ran top, and Xorg is consuming 97%
PS>> of CPU with anaconda consuming the rest.  Maybe
PS>> the video driver is causing me grief.
PS>> Is there anything I can do to give anaconda more
PS>> priority or get Xorg out of the way?

KC = Kevin J. Cummings
KC> You can do a "text" install.  Or at least you
KC> used to.  If you can't do a text install, try
KC> forcing the Xorg driver to VESA.  I'm pretty
KC> sure there is an boot option to control this...

So your feeling is I should abort the currently stuck install?

Can anyone tell me what anaconda does during a GUI install after it reads...

N of N packages completed

in the background, and

Finishing upgrade process.  This may take a little while...

in the foreground?


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