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Re: F11 upgrade - worse than Windows

PS = Pete Stieber
PS>>>> So your feeling is I should abort the
PS>>>> currently stuck install?

KC = Kevin J. Cummings
KC>>> If you can't find out what's been installed
KC>>> and what isn't, yes, I'd abort and try again.
KC>>> Seems I always end up doing that anyways. B^)
KC>>> 24x80 is *not* enough buffer space on any of
KC>>> the 3 log screens to be able to scroll back
KC>>> and see information that has scrolled off the
KC>>> screen. Seems that's always what happens, by
KC>>> the time you find the right screen to look at,
KC>>> the useful information has scrolled off the top
KC>>> of it.

PS>>>> Can anyone tell me what anaconda does during a
PS>>>> GUI install after it reads...
PS>>>> N of N packages completed
PS>>>> in the background, and
PS>>>> Finishing upgrade process. This may take a little while...

KC>>> Could be just package cleanup (ie deleting the
KC>>> OLD RPMs from the db, cleaning up the grub.conf
KC>>> file, etc.) Or it could be actually starting
KC>>> to run the transaction in which case its only
KC>>> starting to install the N packages....
KC>>> Can you see if the new kernel is in your grub.conf?

PS>> It is.

KC>>> If you chroot to your /mnt/sysimage, does rpm -qa
KC>>> show the new RPMS as installed? Does it show any
KC>>> of your old ones too?

PS>> # chroot /mnt/sysimage
PS>> # rpm -qa | grep fc10
PS>> error: cannot open Packages index using db3 - no such file or directory
PS>> error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm
PS>> error: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm
PS>> Does this indicate what the problem is?

MK = Markus Kesaromous
MK> It would appear that the upgrade process has
MK> not finished updating the database. So, for
MK> all practical purposes, your "upgraded" system
MK> is very likely unusable. At this point I would
MK> strongly urge you to burn the dvd iso and
MK> upgrade from the dvd.

No need. If you checkout the other messages in this thread you'll find the machine booted Fedora 11. I have some cleaning up to do, but all is well. System is very usable.

As I said earlier in this thread...

<PS earlier in thread>
I have a little over 10 machines I administer at work.  They all have
run Fedora since Fedora Core 1.  They all have been update with
occasional HW fixes along the way, and yes, there are always problems
upgrading, but I just look on this list and the net to figure out solutions.

I've been doing network install CD updates since that was available.
I've used the preupgrade process on a few machines for F10 -> F11, but
was bit by the mirror problems last Saturday.  I upgraded a similar i386
machine using the network install CD yesterday so I figured the mirror
problem was fixed.

Don't be afraid to upgrade if you are willing to deal with all of the
problems, just backup first.
</PS earlier in thread>

And thanks to some help from Kevin Cummings, all is well. Don't be afraid to attempt an upgrade, especially if you are going to wipe the machine to do a fresh install.


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