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I had hoped, that since f10 has been out now for at least 6months, that the
children that wished pulseaudio on us, would have fixed it so that it would
work 'out of the box'

Alas, Im sure that they are off breaking something else in Fedora instead.

I have had had audio working on Redhat/Fedora for years, no problems.
The went from one system to another, always with backward compatibility, 

Thats a couple of words that Fedora in general just doesnt understand.

I just did a 'new' f10 install, and really expected to have sound working,
just out of the box.

No such luck. 
The things I did to get sound working 6months ago no longer seem to work.

Sound is just a small aside in the current project, its a shame to have to
spend this much time trying (unsuccessfully) to get it running.

So Ill ask, is there either a way to get this pos working, 
or is there any way to just turn it off so it wont bother me?

                                        reg dwf com

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