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Re: PulseAudio...

> So Ill ask, is there either a way to get this pos working, or is there
> any way to just turn it off so it wont bother me?

Like many others I had troubles with pulseaudio so I understand. 

I skipped from F9 to F11 so I'm not sure about the F10 specifics, but as 
of F9 I came up with the following choices:

1) Uninstall completely:

yum remove pulseaudio

2) Keep it installed, but disable it in gnome, hoping to fix it later:

killall pulse

solves the problem but only for the current gnome session. For a more 
permanent solution, pulseaudio is started when the X-server is started, by 
/usr/libexec/gnome-settings-daemon. To tell gnome-settings-daemon not to 
start pulseaudio do

applications -> system tools -> gconf-editor -> apps -> 
gnome_settings_daemon -> plugins -> sound 
and uncheck "active".

3) Try to configure it properly.

I have an onboard soundcard, a pci soundcard and a bttv framegrabber (with 
some sound device on it) and pulseaudio was getting confused. I had my 
speakers plugged into the pci sound card, obviously, but by default 
pulseaudio would use the onboard soundcard. 

cat /proc/asound/cards          # to see which dound cards you have

pactl stat   # see which sink it's using

pactl list   # see which sinks it knows about. 

If the sink currently in use is not the card you have your speakers 
plugged in, tell it to use the sink/card you want by setting default-sink 
to the appropriate number (as given by pactl list) in /etc/pulse/

I did this and got pulseaudio to work in F9. Oh, and there was also a 
sound application in F9 (which I no longer see in F11) where you could 
choose which sound system to use (like pulse, alsa, oss, whatever). I 
think I messed with that too, but I think the thing that got it to work 
was to tell puslseaudio to use the appropriate sink for the sound card I 
had the speakers plugged into.

Beyond this I don't know.

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