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need help testing firefox bug in 3.5

Hi all,

Running f10 here with firefox 3.0.11-1.fc10 and have noticed a quirk. I would like to post a bugzilla to the mozilla site but they only accept bug reports against the latest release, which is now 3.5.

On the 3.0 series the text inside a button moves to the right 1px when active (on mouse button down). Holding the mouse button down and moving off the button the text returns to its correct position. Moving on and off the button one can see the text move back and forth. This only occurs when the <button>, <input type='button'> or <input type='submit'> is wrapped inside a <dd> tag.

Following is an html snippet that can be used to test this.

<dl><dd><button>Press Me</button></dd></dl>

If there's an f11 user with firefox 3.5 installed I'd appreciate their help verifying that this still does, or no longer does, have this quirk.

Thanks for any help,
Mike Wright :m)

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