Firefox complains while running, occasionally locks system at start

stan gryt2 at
Sat Jul 18 16:01:06 UTC 2009

On Sat, 18 Jul 2009 15:12:17 +0000
g <geleem at> wrote:

> stan wrote:
> > If I run Firefox 3.5 on F11 x86_64 from a terminal as
> > /usr/bin/firefox &
> > the following messages come up on the terminal continuously:
> what happens if you run firefox without '&' ?

Same thing.

> what happens if you run firefox within your desktop?
There is no output on the terminal obviously.

The occasional freezes at startup happen however I start firefox.  I
downloaded the source and compiled it, and get the same behavior.  The
program is called Shiretoko in that case, but it uses the Firefox

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