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Re: Ranter or evangelist?

Tim wrote:

> On Sat, 2009-07-18 at 01:03 -0400, gilpel altern org wrote:
>> But suggesting to friends that they use XMMS and type meaningless
scribbles to make a CD play would make one look like a loonie and
suggesting to install something else will rightfully bring the
>> following question: "Why is it not the default?"
> It used to be that there was a simple "CD player" application in the
menu.  It's still an addable
> item, as far as I know, and far less cumbersome than dealing with XMMS
or RhythmBox.

There is an item called "Audio Player" in the Applications -- Sound &
video menu. That's what I clicked and XMMS opened.

Then, Michael Schwendt told me that XMMS was a legacy application and
certainly not the default for GNOME. I really though he was kidding me.
Neither you or anybody had told me so.

So, I booted the LiveCD and what did I see under "Audio Player"? Right on,

I've used XMMS in the past and my experience was so bad that I wouldn't
have reinstalled it for all the money in the world. (All the money... Hum,
maybe :) And I installed Rhythmbox when Antonio suggested this
application. I didn't receive an error message: it wasn't installed.

I did install KDE-Base and maybe other components, and XFCE too. Is it
possible that this is how XMMS appeared *AND* Rhythmbox disappeared?

Honestly, after it took more than 2 hours to install OOo, I thought maybe
I had been hacked. So, now, what's that story about "Audio Player" being
an "addable item" ?

As for the rest of our discussion, if XMMS is not the default Audio
Player, I have nothing to say against making it available to Fedora users.

My question is: "How could it possibly get on my system without my

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