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Re: Fedora 11: can't read debugging symbols anymore

On 07/17/2009 12:29 AM, Tom Horsley wrote:
> I just tried building my Qt app "kewpie" with debug info and running
> it under debugger, and it works fine for me. (Fedora 11 64 bit).
> Are you trying to look at locals inside a constructor? g++ is
> notoriously dreadful at generating debug info for constructor
> bodies for some reason.
> http://home.att.net/~Tom.Horsley/kewpie/kewpie.html

That's really strange though. I can SOMETIMES get the locals, and I
always get the stack. I'm wondering what happens. Perhaps it's qmake
that add strange CFLAGS, perhaps that's because I'm debugging inside a
library (and inside a library opened by dlopen). Or perhaps that's a
problem with QtCreator, but I doubt it since Valgrind can't give me any
line number on its traces.

Or perhaps that's because I miss the time to update to Fedora 11 from
rawhide, and I had quite some problems back then when I downgraded from
rawhide to F11. I may still have repositories that gives me wrong
updates or rawhide packages.

The project is almost over anyway, so the need decreases.


Mildred Ki'Lya
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