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Re: Partitioning FC11 ??

On Saturday 18 July 2009, Albert Graham wrote:
>On 07/18/2009 02:15 AM, Jim wrote:
>> My partition layout is
>> sda1  ext3   /boot
>> sda2  ext4   /home
>> sda3  ext4   /
>> sda4  Extended
>> sda 5   Swap
>> I want sda1 /boot to be my boot, why is it default selecting sda3 /  ,
>> in "Boot Loader Operating system list" ??
>Use fdisk to partition your disk how you want it (i.e. boot into rescue
>mode first), then install FC11, it will not be able to swap things around :)
>There should be a be an option in Anaconda that says something like "Let
>fedora organize the disk layout" or "Let user organize the disk layout"
>(God forbid!)
>I cannot understand why you even have the option to create custom disk
>layout if it's simply going to try an out smart you when you're done.

I can't answer that, Albert, but I am damned tired of it. I got sda1 for a 
boot partition on the third try, but there is a 300 meg hole between it and 
sda2 cuz it simply will not allow more than 199 megs for the boot partition.
That problem is about to end with the end of F10.

Cheers, Gene
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