Ranter or evangelist?

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jul 19 10:35:07 UTC 2009

>> This project works differently than Apple Computers.

gilpel at altern.org:
> And, after 18 years, we have 1% of market share on the desktop.

Commercial software considers market domination to be an indicator of
success.  Others consider it successful when it does what they want it
to, regardless of numbers.  Likewise for manufacturers of other
products, if they sell what they want, that's all they care about.
Getting too big can have its problems, too.

Other than a few zealots, I've not seen it said that getting massive
numbers of users is a goal.  Nor converting people away from some other
OS that they want to use.  I use it, and like it, because it's better
than the alternatives.  And I have tried several.

> As Beranger says, if Microsoft can hardly put out a version of Windows
> that works every 7 or 8 years, maybe Linux should reconsider having new
> versions every six month. Maybe there a way somewhere in between Debian's
> 3 year releases and Fedora's 6 month.

I question that Microsoft puts out an "operating system," and they've
had to be dragged kicking and screaming towards the Unix notion of
restricting users from doing stupid things, or outsiders from doing
nasty things by remote.  And there's enough distributions with different
release schedules, and you're quite able to pick to use a different one
if you don't like the schedule of the one you're currently using.

>> For a basic workhorse file manager, I don't mind emelfm2, too much.  It
>> has basic file filtering, etc.,

> What is file filtering? I try to do ~/Desktop/*html and I get no result.

With emelfm2, you click a gadget to add a filtering rule, then get to
set things like wildcarding, timestamping, or size filtering, to hide
things from the file listing.

Yes, I'd like something similar in the file listers that applications
pop up.  We used to have that on the Amiga.  It's all very well that
some of those listers let you click a drop-down box to only show JPEGs,
or whatever.  But I like a free-form way to specify what I want to see.
And I wish that application file listers could show the file sizes, not
just names and dates.

>> There are places to discuss what forms default installations.  If you
>> have good reasons to suggest things should or shouldn't be installed, then
>> debate them appropriately.

> I'm afraid debating this with developers of this and that application
> would be very unproductive. Unproductive because, once again, nobody is in
> charge. No butt to kick, noboddy to thank for good work. Just some kind of
> Brownian motion seemingly going nowhere.

You still misunderstand the project.  And I suspect you're in danger of
thinking that your views on something are better than *all* of the other
people involved in it.

>> To each their own...  I prefer one click to put a cursor where I click,
>> so I can correct some mistake / modify something.

> First click select to erase without copying, second copies, thereafter,
> you edit. It's rather rare that you have to edit URLs.

Not if you write webpages.

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